Digital consulting and assistance

We can provide you with access to a range of highly skilled and experienced business and technical professionals in discrete, fixed scope engagements aligned to your unique business needs.

Assist is all about people. Very smart people. And we love sharing our knowledge and skills with our clients. Maybe your business strategy doesn’t mesh with your technical capabilities. Or perhaps your internal resources are snowed under with other projects.


Either way, we have the people to help. Being helpful is right up our alley. We love it. Our staff thrive on it.


At Hostworks, we’ve built a reputation of going above and beyond the call of duty. We won’t rest until we’ve found the solution and helped deliver it. One way or the other. Here are just some of the options we’ve created —


• We worked with an ecommerce provider to help them grow


• We helped a radio station discover the best way to reach their online audience


• We designed a test plan to help an online giant  successfully implement a new application


• We conducted a security audit for one of our customers that helped them win some big business


• We held a client’s hand as they explored the cloud. We were even able to save them money in the process, so they were pretty rapt.
If you’d like to know who these businesses are and how exactly we’ve helped them, we’d be happy to tell you more. As the name says,

Quick Start

At Hostworks, we believe there’s no one size fits all when dealing with cloud technologies.

In practice, most cloud users employ a mixture of cloud models because they are at different stages of cloud maturity with different applications, that are combination of internally developed and off the shelf systems. Often making it difficult to merge multiple cloud applications into a coherent whole so that an organisation’s applications portfolio works together in an optimal fashion.


What we here at Hostworks do is help organisations orchestrate applications across multiple clouds – public, private and hybrid to build a consistently managed application suite appropriate for your business.


As always, Hostworks’ Quick Start is all about our people. They are the people that will bring best practice in design, configuration and deployment services for your cloud implementation. They are your peace of mind.


Our experienced team of Strategists, Architects, Designers, Subject Matter Experts, Engineers, and Project Managers work with you to take away any onboarding challenges. They do so at a fixed price and scope but are driven by rapid and agile engagement.


We achieve this by leveraging our tried and tested implementation methodology of Consult, Design, Implement and Manage. Let us understand your requirements so we can design the best architecture for you and then bring in our experts to build it.


We do this for a fixed fee that is based on a set number of days.


Should you need more, no problems, we’ll add another Quick Start. Used too little, use the remaining time as required over the next six months. Need a health check, readiness assessment, optimisation service, training or a planning session we can do this with Quick Start.