Australian first: Hostworks helps RiAus launch the nation’s first dedicated science channel

20 Nov Australian first: Hostworks helps RiAus launch the nation’s first dedicated science channel

Australian first: Hostworks helps RiAus launch the nation’s first dedicated science channel

Hostworks supports RiAus to bring free, science-based content to Australia

SYDNEY, Thursday 20th, November, 2014 – RiAus will today launch Australia’s first dedicated science channel, with the help of digital media solutions company Hostworks.

Coined the ‘digital roadies’, Hostworks will work behind the scenes to customise digital solutions platform, Media Foundry, to deliver science-based content that will be available via desktops, tablets and smartphones through RiAus TV.

“Hostworks is honoured to be part of a project that will offer the power of knowledge to children, students, teachers and parents, and anyone out there who needs to quench their thirst for science,” said Will Berryman, Hostworks CEO.

“With RiAus TV, students will have a direct connection to the great knowledge available here in our own backyard, and access to some of the greatest scientific minds both past and present. It truly is an inspirational project to be a part of.”

With the TV channel’s official launch today (20 November), RiAus will broadcast high quality science content from some of Australia’s major science-based organisations as well as exclusive interviews with leading scientists, including Professor Brian Cox and Professor Ian Chubb.

RiAus Director Dr Paul Willis commented on the launch, “There is strong demand for high quality Australian science-based content. We are thrilled to have Hostworks a part of this – it couldn’t be in better hands.”

“We need to make science an integral part of Australian pop culture. The future of our society depends on it – plain and simple.”

“RiAus TV will provide a great opportunity to encourage conversations about science across Australia.”

Berryman agreed, “We now think of Media Foundry as a ‘platform of imagination’. The mission of RiAus leaves boundless ideas and potential to innovate, allowing us to push our platform in ways we wouldn’t otherwise get to do.”

“The partnership overcomes the barriers of distance and affordability, without substituting quality or innovation.”

Hostworks will provide an entire package of digital support to the channel, including the creation of interfaces, wireframes development, encoding/ decoding and content streaming to urban, remote and rural locations across Australia.

The University of Adelaide, Flinders University, University of South Australia, University of Queensland, Queensland University of Technology and industry organisations including the Defence, Science and Technology Organisation (DSTO) have already signed up as partners for RiAus TV.

“Every Australian should have access to the wonders of science, and now through RiAus TV, they can for free,” concluded Dr Willis.

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