Backup + Disaster Recovery

You should never overlook the need for a clearly defined backup and disaster recovery solution and with options aplenty we promise to work with you to understand your requirements.  Let us help find the best solution for you.


We already operate a core backup solution for our customers that we’ve named Hostworks Next Generation Backup (NGB) service.  It is a disk based backup technology operating redundantly out of our data centres.  At its core,  NGB  provides daily backups of  environments with customisable retention periods based on requirements.  There is also the option to have backups kept on or off site.  De-duplication technologies are used for optimal storage and speed of backup and restore and encryption techniques can be employed if required.


Should this not be suitable for you let’s work together to find out what is.  We know how important it is to get this right.


In our experience a one size fits all approach does not exist when it comes to disaster recovery so we tailor formal disaster recovery plans and process to match individual customer needs.  We also regularly carry out full fail over testing to ensure it works.  Whilst we hope never to have the need to employ a disaster recovery plan, we want you to have the confidence in knowing the right plan is in place for you.