Digital Roadies help Fairfax Media plug in to their new datacentre

08 Sep Digital Roadies help Fairfax Media plug in to their new datacentre

How Hostworks met the challenge of future-proofing one Fairfax Media’s datacentre without disruption.

When you’re Australia’s largest diversified media company, you don’t have the luxury of allowing things to slow down – let alone halt altogether.

Fairfax Media’s datacentre was nearing end of life and the company found itself challenged by contract constraints which threatened to prevent a smooth transition to a new datacentre.

The challenge for Fairfax was to consolidate and then migrate 124 racks, containing 150 critical business systems, to 24 high-density racks in a new Tier 3 datacentre, and all with limited to no downtime.

A consolidation and migration of this nature would reduce Fairfax Media’s total Cost Ownership (TCO), which would bring cost savings and ultimately allow the company to terminate the legacy datacentre contract that was restricting growth.

Ready to meet the challenge, the Hostworks team were prepared to provide the specific resources and partner contacts needed to complete this project.

After completing an in-depth assessment, Hostworks provided Fairfax Media with a commercially viable and flexible solution. Following the briefing workshop, Hostworks confirmed that a migration of this magnitude was possible within Fairfax Media’s tight time requirements and jumped straight into a precise and timely execution.

A full physical and virtual audit was completed at the existing datacentre to ensure there was no interruption to Fairfax Media’s services. Engagement was managed with all relevant business and systems owners on a constant basis and an agile methodology was implemented with Fairfax allocating a dedicated Risk and Change Manager to oversee the venture.

The result was a complete datacentre migration project, completed on time (within six months), on budget and without any complications or hindrances to Fairfax Media’s external or internal audiences.

The solution has provided many benefits for the Australian media conglomerate. The environment consolidation and new datacentre have future-proofed the business for many years to come, and further aligned Fairfax Media to its overall commercial objectives.

Ultimately, and perhaps most significantly, over the next four years this project will provide Fairfax Media with an estimated $3.2 million worth of savings via increased efficiency and improved TCO numbers. Now that’s a figure to boast about!

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