Hostworks + Moshcam form unique partnership to transport live music experience

10 Mar Hostworks + Moshcam form unique partnership to transport live music experience

World-renowned live music video producers Moshcam will be supported by ‘digital roadies’ Hostworks to deliver eclectic music and content through innovative channels.

SYDNEY, Monday 16th, February 2015 – Music fans around the world will now be able to consume a much broader range of music content than ever before. A new partnership between Australian companies Moshcam and Hostworks will further enhance Moshcam’s offering of unique top quality content, available free of charge to music fans, whenever and wherever they may be.

Digital roadies Hostworks will support live music streaming platform Moshcam by enabling its new music content to be delivered through innovative broadcast and media channels.

“Together Moshcam and Hostworks will take the world-class acts that Moshcam produces and make them available to fans across the globe through a variety of innovative technologies,“ says Will Berryman, CEO of Hostworks. “Moshcam will utilise the full range of functionalities inherent in our Media Foundry service, including subscriber and subscription management, live streaming capabilities, customer video players and apps with chromecast and airplay functionality.  What is ultimately delivered to loyal music fans is a unique, rich music experience with quality content that plays to their passions and musical preferences.”

Born out of South Australia, Hostworks enhances the Moshcam experience with its own digital roadies. The Hostworks Media Foundry team will support Moshcam in ensuring their end user experience, across all channels of engagement, is second to none and the crowning jewel in this one stop media solution. By provisioning new app and website functionality, soliciting content through a federated media delivery network, providing video-based enhancements that support HD VoD, as well as live streaming capabilities, all supported by 24/7 technical assistance, Moshcam can now take centre stage.

Whether fans are into Indie, Rock, Metal, Punk/Hardcore, Electronic, Hip Hop or the classics, Moshcam is renowned for getting backstage access to favourite, as well as up and coming artists. Experiencing Moshcam, is like getting a front row, (high resolution) view at all of the best gigs across Australia, UK, and the US, no matter the end user’s location.

Devoted fans no longer have to line up for hours to get up close and personal with their favourite acts. Artists currently appearing on Moshcam include Royal Blood, KoRn, Mayday Parade, Major Lazer, Bloc Party, Cold War Kids, Alabama Shakes, Public Enemy, Kaiser Chiefs, Karnivool, Blondie, and  Megadeth, to name but a few. Moshcam allows music lovers to watch every second of a show, from curtain up to the encore, and share this content across their multiple social channels.

“Moshcam is one of the world’s leading creators and producers of high quality videos of live music performances from great artists performing in leading venues all around the world. With our passion for live music, we want to give both artists and fans the best quality experience possible, and Hostworks will help us make that a reality,” says Moshcam Chair, Deanne Weir. “Our global rights allow us to give artists a global platform, and find fans in all corners of the world, for any genre of music. We work with the artist to promote their music, through social channels to an eagerly awaiting audience.”

Across its website, YouTube channel and third party distribution platforms, Moshcam offers  a significant catalogue of music, playlist selections, interviews and candid content to millions of fans around the world.


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