Helping businesses understand their digital presence

Insight uses a range of analytics and social tools to unlock those nuggets of hidden truth. No one single tool is best, so we employ a wide range of tools that best suit each phase of analysis and data insight.

Getting the most out of a customer’s data

Joining forces with our data scientists, we work closely with customers to analyse the data that’s most important to their business. We then provide high quality strategic predictions in addition to historical reporting and analysis. It is the ability to provide actionable insights and statistically relevant predictions that sets Hostworks apart.



Whether amassed via site usage data, customer databases, e-commerce platforms or other business systems, user data is invaluable in predicting future user behaviours.

This data provides valuable insights about your customers and allows executives to make changes that significantly improve the business as a result.

Business Intelligence (BI)

Building a custom BI dashboard or advising customers on areas for investment?

Hostworks can help!

Our strategy team designs and operates platforms to provide simple to understand business intelligence.

User Experience Monitoring (UX)

Just monitoring your e-commerce site from a technical viewpoint does not ensure ease of use and simplicity for your customers.

Our UX Monitoring uses techniques like synthetic transactions monitoring to track user behaviours and ascertain ho  much time and effort is involved in completing a transaction on your site.

Data collected via these methods can be used to;
• Optimise your website experience
• Set and evaluate business goals and objectives
• Measure the average time for users to conduct the main ‘transactions’ of your site

E-Commerce Performance

• Should your e-commerce pathway to purchase take fewer steps?
• Are your customers leaving the purchase funnel one click from purchase?
• Are your shopping baskets being abandoned?
These are vital questions for any online business and our Hostworks strategic team can help you answer them.

We work with your e-commerce department to answer these questions and more to increase your conversion rates and ARPU.

Monitoring and Alerts

We get that your world is always on. That’s why we monitor all aspects of both the user experience and the technical environments of our clients.

Our Customer Management Centre (CMC) is always there, 24/7 to handle any small issues before they become big dramas.

Social Media

With the mainstream adoption of social media, the online world has become increasingly complex. Hostworks’ suite of tools provide a control desk for social media teams, allowing them to;
• Monitor all social media channels
• Focus resources where they are most needed
• Engage efficiently with audiences and potential customers

Whether assisting with a customer support request or communicating with brand advocates, social media allows brands to;

• Understand brand sentiment
• Communicate with their audience
• Control the message.