Introducing Flex+

30 Mar Introducing Flex+

Taking control. Your ride, your way.

Nothing beats the experience of talking control of a powerful vehicle and being able to test, if not push its limits and capabilities. After all, why have a big engine if you can’t go fast.

At Hostworks we’re about the experience. The customer experience!

Cloud is no easy vehicle to navigate. Instead of being an exciting platform of opportunity, perceptions and misunderstandings often lead businesses to see all things cloud as a nightmare to navigate. It doesn’t haven’t to be.

Introducing Flex+. A new approach in cloud – management and orchestration. Flex+ gives you a single pane of  glass visibility into all the major private, hybrid and public cloud providers – AWS, Azure and SoftLayer.

Through a singular dashboard view, clients have visibility to all or one of their cloud environments. Being able to understand at any moment chosen, the health of their technical environment, in a simplistic and real-time measurement is an exciting and new capability in market.

At Hostworks, we like to innovate across all things digital and cloud is no different. This once mythical ‘cloud’ has finally materialised and with real savings and productivity benefits in adoption, the question is not when but how. And how fast!

Get in touch with Hostworks today for an obligation-free discussion about what Flex+ can do for you.

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