Let A Digital Roadie Solve Your Cloud Conundrum

19 Feb Let A Digital Roadie Solve Your Cloud Conundrum

As another year draws to a close, many conversations in the tech industry become reflective, especially when it comes to cloud. Questions such as, “What were the biggest data breaches of 2015?” and “Who got their cloud strategy right?” are two popular topics of discussion. Whilst the biggest data breaches of 2015 are, unfortunately for those involved, public knowledge – the debate remains fierce around the correct strategy for organisations wishing to embrace cloud.

According to research conducted this year by Telsyte, 40 percent of Australian businesses are expected to adopt a ‘hybrid’ model of utilising public and private cloud by 2019. This represents an $800 million market opportunity in the next three years.

As the hyperscalers compete for the biggest share of the public-cloud pie, many organisations that have already ‘gone to the cloud’ are now realising processes, storage or compute placed in the public cloud must now be brought back on-premise. The reasons are varied, but two that come up frequently are cost and ease of management. As organisations ‘burst’ into the cloud and spin up virtual machines for various reasons, what has become apparent is that many organisations simply aren’t equipped to deal with their public cloud environment.

Due the scale of the hyperscalers (pun intended), organisations requiring support and guidance with cloud, often feel more like a number than a valued customer. That’s when reality becomes apparent, and spinning down that virtual machine can be inherently more difficult than creating it. In an environment where you pay-per consumption, siloed data or processes stuck in the cloud can be an expensive problem.

What’s missing from the cloud equation is people. While IT management inevitably focuses on automation and cost efficiency, having the right people, and implementing the correct strategy can actually reduce the overall cost of ‘going to the cloud.’

With different levels of understanding in the industry, the question organisations need to be considering as they plan their cloud strategy for 2016 is not which public cloud provider to choose, but rather which ‘managed’ cloud partner is best placed to help them execute the most appropriate cloud strategy – be it public, private, or hybrid.

With a twenty-plus history assisting organisations manage their data, services and online properties, the team at Hostworks know a thing or two about cloud and experience has taught us a lot! We believe that people are the missing link to many successful cloud strategies in Australia.

Our dedicated team of ‘digital roadies’ is already helping many businesses navigate the plethora of cloud choices available. Our close relationships, and agonistic approach to hyperscalers such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure and IBM Softlayer mean our customers can access cloud capabilities; public, private or hydrid – based on their needs.  Managed by people and treated as VIPs, customers are safe in the knowledge that there is a friendly voice at the end of the phone to help them solve their cloud conundrums.

That’s the Hostworks difference.

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