Local company providing streaming backbone to large scale Australian events

09 Feb Local company providing streaming backbone to large scale Australian events

Hostworks, an Australian digital media solutions provider, has partnered with the international Pacific Television Centre in a bid to drive the uptake and consumption of video content on mobile devices and tablets.

The geographic distance between the two companies wasn’t an issue, explained Hostworks chief Will Berryman. “There’s no reason why we couldn’t offer these services anywhere on the globe. That’s why we were talking with PacTV.”

“PacTV basically distribute and collects broadcasting signals from anywhere in the world and video content via satellite and fibre in London, Los Angeles, New York, and Singapore. That makes perfect sense to me. If we can deploy our platform on the back of their global video distribution and content acquisition infrastructure, that’s quite a nice service that we can take to market internationally.”

With the agreement, Hostworks will place high definition video encoders on site at PacTV facilities in London and Los Angeles. This infrastructure enables transmission signals to be ingested and encoded through Hostworks’ own content delivery network. News and sport are the key category drivers behind streaming live events, with Seven’s recent  streamed coverage of the Australian Open tennis as a key example of the work Hostworks is doing within the local market.

“There are a lot of vendors involved,” explained Berryman. “We’re doing some quality service management. [Seven’s] Clive Dickens and his team are doing an extraordinary job in terms of user experience, app development, and content management. We’re working with the team providing some infrastructure to Clive’s team as they do this extraordinary event.”

“The scale of what Clive is doing is worthy of many vendors working in there. It shows that we can do many different things at the same time these days.
With the Tour Down Under, we are handling the digital side of it and the social media aggregation side quite exclusively, which we’re running at the same time. It shows a lot of depth in our business to do these things for lots of different events with different degrees of involvement.”

With Seven recording streaming figures of over 800,000 streams of the Australian Open in one day, Berryman believes that Hostworks is able to scale its services to meet the high volume demand of some clients: “We do have a very good capacity through our platforms to take on some of that load. We’re not handling all of the load. For the bit we’re handling, we have the ability to adapt. Even though we’re a small company it comes down to the calibre of people we have to create the infrastructure and manage them during the event. Our infrastructure is as intensive as some of the big multinationals.”

Hostworks – MediaWeek Article _Feb 2016

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