The rise of the live-streamed AGM

15 Sep The rise of the live-streamed AGM

Long-established as a way to beam major entertainment and sporting events into our homes, the current trend to use live-streamed webcasts to transmit monthly staff updates and corporate Annual General Meetings (AGMs) seems like a natural progression.

The technology, which has been used for some time now to transmit conference presentations and education seminars, is right at home reaching large geographically spread shareholder bases, especially given that much of the focus in the corporate world is on the bottom dollar.

Webcasting is a perfect fit for that seamless, professional and cost effective approach and provides Boards with an innovative solution to the age-old issue of how to engage with more shareholders. Over time, a live webcast enables organisations to book much more modest venues for annual meetings, without excluding any shareholders, employees or other stakeholders who wish to take part. Of course, having the option to make a contribution is an important element of an AGM. This too can been addressed with webcasting technology, as the ability to ask questions of the board of directors in real-time during the event is possible from wherever attendees are viewing it, with a solid internet connection being the only prerequisite for participation.

By offering such a convenient method of accessing an AGM from anywhere, the organisation can benefit from the enhanced engagement of its stakeholders – an important consideration given the fact that a number of those stakeholders may hold the key to the company’s future success and viability. Another added benefit of webcasting AGMs is the fact that the event is not lost to those who cannot attend in person or view the live stream. An entire event can easily be made available online to view at any time, upon demand.

Some organisations might be concerned about potential technical hassles associated with webcasting their AGM or other corporate presentation. However, the specialist support of Hostworks’ digital roadies means that any stream is fully managed, with all the hassle removed and skilled engineers at the ready to ensure any presentation will go without a hitch. Hostworks guarantees the ultimate live viewing experience, with any potential bandwidth and capacity issues fully addressed and managed well in advance of going live.

For larger organisations in particular, the cost of flying staff in from around the country, or even internationally, as well as covering accommodation and other expenses, can run into tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars depending on the scale of the event. By live streaming the event, these massive costs can be mitigated and diverted into growing the business instead.

Not only that, but as live-streaming of corporate presentations and internal staff updates grows, it will soon become an expectation of stakeholders. So it makes sense to be at the forefront of move, rather than a follower.

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