This Technique Can Help You Beat AdBlock


22 Jul This Technique Can Help You Beat AdBlock

Hostworks’ General Manager, The Foundry, Daniel Goldsworthy talks about how ad stitching can help businesses get around the costly – and controversial – AdBlock issue.

As one of the biggest disruptors to digital marketing in recent years, AdBlock has caused huge losses to publishers and advertisers. But a novel approach to video ads called ad stitching can help businesses skirt around the issue and keep the ad revenue flowing.

The rise of AdBlock

AdBlock is a highly popular ad-blocking extension supported by most web browsers, and now more recently mobile devices too. AdBlock works by preventing the loading of ad content from specific domains and URL patterns, allowing web surfers a mostly ad-free experience – but also causing significant losses for content publishers worldwide.

With the industry estimating that nearly 200 million people are using ad-blocking software (about 6 per cent of the global web population), this translates into a staggering $22 billion loss in ad revenue (in 2015 alone) for brands and publishers.

The bad news is that AdBlock is not going away anytime soon. If anything, adoption of the ubiquitous ad-blocking software is showing continued growth, with no signs of slowing down.

What does this mean for publishers?

AdBlock prevents publishers from generating ad revenue and it is forcing the industry to explore other business models, and in many cases unsuccessfully. While many people are happy to pay a few dollars for a physical newspaper they can read on a Sunday afternoon, the same doesn’t hold true for online content.

Large content publishers like Forbes have started preventing AdBlock users from accessing their content unless they disable their ad-blocking software. But many visitors simply choose to abandon a website rather than disable the ad blocker, especially if they don’t have a connection with the site yet. So what can be done about this? Enter: ad splicing.

Ad splicing the possible antidote to AdBlock

Ad splicing is a simple yet game-changing technique that allows publishers to get around the AdBlock issue by splicing ads directly into video content. Unlike the standard “client-side” ad insertion, ad splicing is a server-side technology that involves a virtual integration of the ad content into the video, as it is being delivered. This means the ads are placed into the video stream not loaded separately, making the ad part of the content itself. The ad is the content, so it can’t be blocked.

At Hostworks, our solution to AdBlock is the Manifester – a flexible ad insertion tool that can be used in a variety of ways. In addition to inserting server-side ads, you can set up a range of rules for ads, and include ads from local inventory or from a 3rd party ad server. This means different ads in the same content for different people. As every marketer knows, targeted advertising means more revenue for your business.

If your business is suffering due to ad-blocking software, then we have the answer for you. Contact our team of experts today to have a chat about how you can get an ad-splicing solution tailored to the unique needs of your business.

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