What do we want? Quality Entertainment! When do we want it? All at once!

30 Apr What do we want? Quality Entertainment! When do we want it? All at once!

Have you ever consumed three seasons of your favourite TV show in the one-day or lost countless hours nestled in bed catching up on the Hollywood hits? Well, it seems you are not alone! The latest edition of Ericsson’s well-regarded ‘ConsumerLab TV & Media Report’ has found that ‘Binge Viewing’ is rapidly growing in popularity.

Gone are the days of waiting for the latest instalments of TV shows or the newest cinematic releases. Now, thanks to subscription-based video-on-demand (S-VOD), sites like Netflix and Hulu, there has been a shift in user behaviour. This shift continues to drive change in the TV and media industries, prompting a move away from old formats and business models and ushering in an era of on-demand entertainment.

Currently, over 50% of S-VOD users prefer all TV series episodes to be available at once so that they can watch at their own pace, compared to 45% of non S-VOD users. Subscription based sites make binge viewing oh so easy, and it is now culturally acceptable to spend nights, (date nights, girls nights, sports nights), chained to the couch gorging your favourite entertainment.

The acceptance of ‘marathon’ viewing sessions, combined with the ability to watch anywhere at anytime are key to the success to sites such as Netflix. The Ericsson Report concludes that consumers today have little patience for device, access or geographical restrictions, and that a service that caters to this impatience builds a large fan-base.

But! According to the Ericsson report and the Deloitte Media Consumer Survey that we discuss in a previous blog, mobility and mass consumption are still the least important factors when it comes to customer satisfaction. Available content and video quality take out top spot, and are areas where traditional TV programming dominates.

While watching an entire year’s worth of your favourite show may be an increasingly popular trend, it seems viewers are not altogether ready to abandon quality for an entertainment binge session.

How long will this be the case? Stay tuned!

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